Our Missionaries

Our Missionaries

Brother Bobby Thompson:
Bobby Thompson is called the "Eagle Preacher". He received this name from some Indians where he was preaching a sermon to them. God has blessed him and now his health has improved. Lately he has been able to do some traveling and preaching. He has been in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina preaching at several different churches. Please continue to pray for Brother Bobby Thompson.

If you would like to contact him, please do so at the following mail address:
Evg. Bobby Thompson  c/o Bill Lewis,
539 Fieldwood Dr. NW, Adairsville, GA 30103-5369

Brother Ismael Sanchez:
Brother Sanchez is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus in the "Philippines" preaching in many cities and at the Bible Institute. On August 18 they had 8 converts who were baptized in a swimming pool. And for the past few months Brother Sanchez has been in contact with some Jews in their area. He has been trying to be friendly to them and gave them some gospel tracts, but he did not receive a response from them. He is going to talk to them personally about Christianity and Jesus, so please pray for him and for wisdom to witness to these Jews in their area.

Please continue to pray for their endeavor in this ministry of teaching and training young men. Indeed, since they have wide open door for mission work in this country, they need more young men to be trained, national pastors, missionaries and preachers. Brother Sanchez wants to thank everyone for their monthly support for this ministry. 

If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following mail or email address:
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Brother Ismael B. Sanchez, Tabernacle Baptist Church, P O Box 1156,  Denver, NC 28037

Roger and Pat Herndon:
Roger and his wife "Pat" are involved in with the "Rock of Ages Ministries" witnessing to prison inmates in an effort to lead them to Jesus.

One night they were having a night service at a Prison and the message had been preached and the altar call had been given. Five altar workers were dealing with the inmates that came forward for Salvation. Each worker had two they were dealing with. An officer walked in and said, "Stop, the Service! We are taking them back to their dorms!" With a lump in his throat, as the most important part of the service was taking place, Roger stopped the service and watched as they walked out! Two were able to ask Jesus to save them before they were cut off. But if the inmates that walked forward during the altar call were truly under convictions, God will deal with them at a later time. The only thing Roger could figure out was that it had been foggy when they arrived at the prison and it can cause a problem for security. 14 had asked Jesus to save them during that 3 day revival that they know of!

At the same prison, a man ask Roger and another missionary to go upstairs to see the inmates woodshop. While standing ouside the door, they gazed at all of the great pieces of wood and leather work some of the inmates had made! As they talked, this inmate looked so familar. Then another inmate came out of the woodworking shop and said. "I know you! You use to come to Death Row and preach to me!" Wow! Both of these men had been on Death Row! It had been years since Roger had seen one of them, but the other one had not been off Death Row very long! You might ask; How did they get off Death Row? Roger doesnt know. Some times their sentence can go from death to life in prison. So they dont ask them. It was a blessing to see them and see them serving the Lord!

God allowed Roger and his wife to go to a Prison Hospital for two days recently. They handed out Christmas bags and cookies that had been donated by different peopleand churches. They had singing, visitation and preaching! There were 29 tha task Jesus to save them! Amen! What a blessing for them to have been a part of this! One man came running and yelling at Roger, "I got Saved! I told you I was going to!"

Please continue to pray for them and if you would like to contact or support them, please do so at the following address:
Roger and Pat Herndon, P. O. Box 339,  Iron Station, NC 28080
Website -

Brother Jeremy Scott:
Brother Jeremy Scott is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus over in "West Indies" preaching at the Victory Baptist Temples in Happy Hill, St Georges and Grenada. Everything is going good with his family and Ayla is growning up fast.

The works in Grenada are making great progress in Chantimelle (the new work) while they have not yet secured the lands as yet as the government goes through the red tapes. They are in the process of arrangements to rent a small building that was used as a church house by another denomination. Brother Scott had the pribilege of meeting with the owner and taking a tour of the building. She promises to give him her final decision by Dec. 21, 2014. During his soul winning out reach some of the members of that church has expressed great interest in joining them since the doors of that church has been closed for about 5 years now. Please continue to pray for them in this regard.

The work at Victory Baptist Temple, we can praise God for what he is doing they had several visitors for the past 3 months that repeated their visits with 2 professions of faith. They had baptisms in October and look forward to another in Januray. They also look forward to starting Bible School in January and the possibility of one traveling to the US for Bible College. Keep these in your prayers.

Brother Jeremy Scott asked that we continue to pray for the church, young converts, upcoming meetings and lost souls.  
If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following address:
Brother Jeremy Scott,  Happy Hill,  St. George's,  Grenada, West Indies
Email: jeremyscott01@hotmail.com

Burrell Family Ministries - Sister Lois Burrell: 
Sister Lois Burrell is involved in the "Missionaries to America’s Juvenile Delinquents Ministry” and the "Elsanor Boarding School".
 It is hard to believe, that it has been four months since Dale Burrell passed. It's been a hard journey for Lois but one where the Lord has become very close and dear to her. She has gained much strength from the prayers of the saints and the preaching that she has sat under. She is trusting her Lord and Saviour, to lead her and show her in his perfect time what exactly he has for her as she moved to Arizona.

Please pray for Lois. It has been extremely hard and difficult for her without her dear husband but he told her many times that he didn't want her to quit and that the Lord did not want her to quit either. If you would like to contact or support her, you can do so at the following address: 

Mrs Lois Burrell, 3697 N French Place, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Website - www.elsanorboardingschool.com

Brother Larry and Sister Opal Adams
Brother Larry and his wife "Opal" are involved with the "Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.” They are helping missionaries in the West and the Mid-West with Support, Encouragement, Building materials, Clothes, Food, Vans, Church furniture, Bibles and are preaching the Gospel to all in this area.

This past year there have been many churches built, works started and a multitude of salvations all over the globe through the missionaries that serve with Fundamental Baptist Home Missions. Almost every continent has felt the effect of the Gospel.

Your continued faithfulness to give to missions and continued support and prayers for the mission board, their secretaries, and missionaries is still very much need. May God richly bless you! If you would like to contact or support them, you can do so at the following address:
Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1510
Bessemer City, NC 28016