Our Missionaries

Brother Bobby Thompson:
Bobby Thompson is called the "Eagle Preacher". He received this name from some Indians where he was preaching a sermon to them. God has blessed him and now his health has improved. Lately he has been able to do some traveling and preaching. He has been in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina preaching at several different churches. Please continue to pray for Brother Bobby Thompson.

If you would like to contact him, please do so at the following mail address:
Evg. Bobby Thompson
c/o Bill Lewis
539 Fieldwood Dr. NW
Adairsville, GA 30103-5369

Brother Ismael Sanchez:
Brother Sanchez is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus in the "Philippines" preaching in many cities and at the Bible Institute. On August 18 they had 8 converts who were baptized in a swimming pool. And for the past few months Brother Sanchez has been in contact with some Jews in their area. He has been trying to be friendly to them and gave them some gospel tracts, but he did not receive a response from them. He is going to talk to them personally about Christianity and Jesus, so please pray for him and for wisdom to witness to these Jews in their area.

Please continue to pray for their endeavor in this ministry of teaching and training young men. Indeed, since they have wide open door for mission work in this country, they need more young men to be trained, national pastors, missionaries and preachers. Brother Sanchez wants to thank everyone for their monthly support for this ministry. 

If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following mail or email address:
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Brother Ismael B. Sanchez
Tabernacle Baptist Church
P O Box 1156
Denver, NC 28037

Roger and Pat Herndon:
Roger and his wife "Pat" are involved in with the "Rock of Ages Ministries" witnessing to prison inmates in an effort to lead them to Jesus.

On February 10th, Pat took a very bad fall on their front porch. She broke the main bone from her elbow to her shoulder, broke off the ball that goes in the socket that allows it to swivel, damaged the Rotator cuff, and broke her knee cap in two. She had surgery and is now improving.  As Christians, we are always going to face opposition! He has taken care of them all of these years and no doubt, He would not even think of letting them down now!

While talking to a man in the Jail, sharing Luke 16 with him, it seemed he was going to get saved. Suddenly he stood up and Roger said “What are you doing?” The man said, “I’m going home!” And that is exactly what he was doing. He was being released that day. So please pray that this man will get saved!

It is a privilege to take several men into a small room and teach them the Word of God. One of the men told Roger he was saved, but when he was questioned, the man said I got saved last Sunday in a church outside the Jail, then the following Thursday I got picked up in the park for drinking and being drunk! Roger said what would you think if I had come in here with a bottle of beer and smoking dope and started preaching! The man said that would not be right! Roger shared with him, that something was wrong with him getting saved on Sunday and being drunk four days later. The man admitted he was not saved, and about 45 minutes later Roger took his Bible and begin to witness to him and saw conviction. The man bowed his head and ask Jesus to save him! Praise the Lord!

In a prison, going cell to cell, Roger saw a young man leaning over talking to the man in the cell next to him. They were talking threw a hole in the wall where a wall plug once was. So Roger stepped to the door of their cells and shared the gospel with them and both of them got saved that day!    

In the SC prison, in January there were 65 people who got saved! You will never know what a blessing you all are to this preacher and his wife! Because of you they can go give the Gospel and see people of all ages give their heart to Jesus! It is wonderful to have Faithful supporters! Please continue to pray for them and if you would like to contact or support them, please do so at the following address:
Roger and Pat Herndon
P. O. Box 339
Iron Station, NC 28080
Website -

Brother Jeremy Scott:
Brother Jeremy Scott is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus over in "West Indies" preaching at the Victory Baptist Temples in Happy Hill, St Georges and Grenada. Everything is going good with his family. Ayla is asking lots of questions, she wants to know everything and she can quote John 3:16 fluently. We are happy about that. 

Anesta continues to have a very vibrant Sunday school class, as she prepares them for spelling B competition between the Baptist Churches on the island. I'm doing OK. I was not able to attend he Caribbean jubilee due to tonsillitis, I was unable to preach for two Sundays and two Wednesdays, but it is all over for now.

Works are doing well, they have not had any professions of faith lately but believers are moving on for the Lord. They are looking forward to host the Gethsemane Baptist Church from Radford, VA from June 18th to June 26th. During which time they will have Bible Clubs and 6 nights of Crusade meetings. Looking forward to seeing souls trusting the Lordf as Savior.

Brother Jeremy Scott asked that we continue to pray for the church, young converts, upcoming meetings and lost souls.  
If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following address:
Brother Jeremy Scott
Happy Hill
St. George's
Grenada, West Indies
Email: jeremyscott01@hotmail.com

Brother Dale and Sister Lois Burrell:
Dale and his wife "Lois" were involved with the "Missionaries to America’s Juvenile Delinquents Ministry” and the "Elsanor Boarding Academy for Boys".
 But as some of you know, Brother Dale passed away on April 25. He was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia the first of March and admitted to Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center immediately. He spent 43 days being treated with chemotherapy. He was doing well but after a few weeks, his body began to shut down. He had pneumonia, kidney failure, and heart failure at the end. He was a witness and faithful prayer warrior for all of you and those around him at the hospital. His last pulpit was a hospital bed with all his teams of doctors surrounding him and he told them that he wanted to see his Saviour face to face. He told them that without Jesus they would die and end up in hell. He was so bold! The Lord was so good to him. The last couple of days, he told Lois that the Lord was in the room with them. She asked him if he could see him and he said "Oh yes!" Lois asked him was he wonderful and he said "Oh beautiful!" She asked him if he wanted the doctors to keep treating him and he said "I am seeing the Great Physician. Why would I need any doctors?" On April 25th, he went to be with the Lord, in his sleep at 11 a.m.


The Lord has been so good them over these past 20 years. The boys have gone home and are doing well. One is preaching and took a pair of Dale's boots so that he could try to fill them. Such blessings and memories Lois has. She is writing a book of their ministries and already has plans to continue working with children. Although Elsanor Boys Academy is clopsed, their 501c3 organization is still up and running under Burrell Family Ministries and she will trust the Lord to open doors for her when she is ready.

Please pray for Lois. It is extremely hard and difficult to stay here in this world without her dear husband but he told her many times that he didn't want her to quit and that the Lord did not want her to quit either. If you would like to contact or support them, you can do so at the following address:
Dale and Lois Burrell
1109 McGill Road
Smyrna, SC 29743

Brother Larry and Sister Opal Adams:
Larry and his wife "Opal" are involved with the "Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.” They are helping missionaries in the West and the Mid-West with Support, Encouragement, Building materials, Clothes, Food, Vans, Church furniture, Bibles and are preaching the Gospel to all in this area.

Your continued faithfulness to give to missions and continued support and prayers for the mission board, their secretaries, and missionaries is still very much need. May God richly bless you! If you would like to contact or support them, you can do so at the following address:
Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1510
Bessemer City, NC 28016