Our Missionaries

Our Missionaries

Brother Bobby Thompson:
Bobby Thompson is called the “Eagle Preacher”. He received this name from some Indians where he was preaching a sermon to them. God has blessed him and now his health has improved. Lately he has been able to do some traveling and preaching. He has been in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina preaching at several different churches. Please continue to pray for Brother Bobby Thompson.

If you would like to contact him, please do so at the following mail address:
Evg. Bobby Thompson  c/o Bill Lewis,
539 Fieldwood Dr. NW, Adairsville, GA 30103-5369

Brother Ismael Sanchez:
Brother Sanchez is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus in the “Philippines” preaching in many cities and at the Bible Institute.

In January, there was a “Black Nazarene” parade, which is the most celebrated idolatry in the Philippines. So they took their liberty and went to manila and displayed their banners and preached to the crowd, (giving warning to the wicked – Ezekiel 33) as usual, some got mad, others were shocked and some people were personally led to salvation.

In February at the National Congress on Journalism, Brother Sanchez was given an opportunity to make a presentation on the current event in the Middle East. So he took the time and after showing them the current events related to Bible prophey he ended up with presenting the Gospel as the world and told hows Jews rejected Jesus, He told them in John 1:11-12 that they would reject Him. There were more than 200 delegates from public and private school teachers.

If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following mail or email address:
Bible Believers Baptist Church

Brother Ismael B. Sanchez, Tabernacle Baptist Church, 7615 Lowesville Meadow Rd. Stanley, NC 28164 . Field Address: 1542 E. Santos St., Palatiw, Pasig City 2600


Roger and Pat Herndon:
Roger and his wife “Pat” are involved in with the “Rock of Ages Ministries” witnessing to prison inmates in an effort to lead them to Jesus.

Recently at one of the prisons, Roger reached out to shake an inmates hand as they always do. The man jerked his hand back with a look of pain on his face. He had tattoos all over his head and body. He appeared to be stiff, in the way he was moving his body. As they talked the man told him some other inmates had put pad locks in some socks and had beat him up. He had a broken hand, stitches in his head, a broken arm and his whole body was stiff and painful from the beating! This man was blessed to be alive!

In the same prison, they were having a Count time and the inmates were locked in their cells. They were going cell to cell talking through the crack in their doors. One of the inmates cleaning the floors said, an inmate in the cell across from you wants to see you. So Roger went and ask him what he needed and the man said, “did you get my letter asking for money and shoes?” Roger said Yes but we are not allowed to do that. The man said you could send it to my mom and she will send it to me. Roger said no that would be dishonest and we are not going to do that.

Cell phones are becoming more popular in Prison. Recently at a prison, an inmate took a hacksaw and sawed his bars out.  He then used a cell phone to talk to someone outside the fence. At the right moment, the one on the outside the fence threw more cell phones, drugs and other things over the fence. The man that sawed the bars went out and got them. He returned to his cell. They were told the Prison thought someone escaped. But, he went back to his cell and the Count Time was cleared because the man was in his cell. He was caught later!

Please continue to pray for them and if you would like to contact or support them, please do so at the following address:
Roger and Pat Herndon, P. O. Box 339,  Iron Station, NC 28080
Website –

Brother Jeremy Scott:
Brother Jeremy Scott is involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus over in “West Indies” preaching at the Victory Baptist Temples in Happy Hill, St Georges and Grenada. Everything is going good with his family and Ayla is growning up fast.

The first 3 months of the year have been good in the ministries between both works we have seven decisions (profession of faith). They have had the opportunity to share the gospel with many people through our soul winning out reach. They have intensified their soul winning efforts by going out on Sunday evenings from 4-6 and back at church for Sunday night service. This may sound like hard work but it is a joy for them to do it and it has payed off. It gives Sunday night service an extra boost after coming from the field, seeing people getting saved, being challenged by the devil on the front lines and so on, it is a joy. In addition, they have been having some good turn out to services from the Chantimelle area. Please continue to pray that they get what they need for that work.

Brother Jeremy Scott asked that we continue to pray for the church, young converts, upcoming meetings and lost souls.  
If you would like to contact or support him, please do so at the following address:
Brother Jeremy Scott,  Happy Hill,  St. George’s,  Grenada, West Indies
Email: jeremyscott01@hotmail.com

Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc (Brother Larry and Sister Opal Adams)
Brother Larry and his wife “Opal” are involved with the “Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.” They are helping missionaries in the West and the Mid-West with Support, Encouragement, Building materials, Clothes, Food, Vans, Church furniture, Bibles and are preaching the Gospel to all in this area.
This past year has been very busy and much has been accomplished for the glory of God!

It continues to be their goal to assist their missionaries and churches in the best way possible as we serve the Lord  together. They have taken on more missionaries in 2015, and this month they will approve 3 more men from the states. This increases operating expenses and without your continued support to meet these needs, it would be difficult for the Mission Board to continue. Please pray about an offering for the operating expenses of the Mission Board.

Also they wanted to let everyone know that the Island Jubilee has been sceduled to begin the last week in March 2016. March 30-April 3. It will be held on the island of Grenada. They will be sending out more information as it becomes available. Plan to join them there!

Your continued faithfulness to give to missions and continued support and prayers for the mission board, their secretaries, and missionaries is still very much need. May God richly bless you! If you would like to contact or support them, you can do so at the following address:
Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1510
Bessemer City, NC 28016

Brother Daniel and Sherry Shoemaker

We are now supporting a new ministry “Hope Tract Ministry”. Since its beginning in 1995, Hope Tract Ministry has printed more than 160 million gospel tracts in 37 languages and shipped them free of charge to more thnan 100 countries.

You may ask why support Hope Tract Ministry: You see tracts are the language of the country they are going to. Tracts need no deputation, no visa, or passport. They arrive on the field in just a few days and stay on the mission field. Tracts can  be taken door to door and are great aids in the ministry for many people will read a tract but not go to church. Tracts can be given to anyone by anyone and they are inexpensive investments as a means to reach others with the gospel message. Tracts can present the gospel by relating to things in daily life and are not intimidated. Tracts stick to what they have to say fand never argue and keep witnessing even when they are left alone. Tracts work while we are sleep and they have the ability to get into a home and stay there. Tracts are never afraid and are never tempted to compromise their message. Tracts never get tired or give up and go to places where we cannot go. Tracts do not put people on the defensive and are speak to people when they are read.

If you would like to help with this ministry, please reach out to Daniel and Sherry Shoemakers who are representatives at the following address: 
5000 Westgate Drive

Shelby, NC 28152
Email: olecobbler@yahoo.com